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  • “I started acupuncture treatment with Dr Robert Herbst about four months before I was planning to start an IVF cycle. I wanted to give my body a rest before starting another round of injections and medications that really took a toll on me physically and mentally. It was to be our third time trying IVF and this time we decided to incorporate acupuncture into the process. Through my own research I discovered that acupuncture was really great to increase the success of IVF, and also that it was possible to get pregnant with just acupuncture alone. Well to my surprise I got pregnant after only 9 weeks into my treatment with Dr Herbst. we didn’t have to do another round of IVF after all. Me and my husband were ecstatic to say the least! I’m a believer.”
    ~ L.L. – Coconut Creek Florida

  • “My husband and I decided to try to have a baby in 2010. We tried naturally for 5 months but with no luck. Then in August of 2010 my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We were told we have to start banking his sperm if we want to have kids because once he has the surgery to remove his prostate we can not have a baby. We continued trying as his doctors gave us 6 months to get pregnant because IVF would be our next step and would be expensive. During the 6 months we tried naturally and did 3 rounds of IUI insemination with poor results. We took a one month break so my husband could have his surgery and we did not have to worry about the stress of a baby. After that we tried 2 rounds of IVF – in vitro fertilization – Still no luck! I was devastated and feeling really down and empty not able to get pregnant. Then one of my husbands friends said to us “did we try Acupuncture?” I said “no, will that help?” She said that’s how she got pregnant with all her kids. We also read books that recommended acupuncture when you do IVF. So we went ahead and found Dr Robert and started acupuncture treatment. To my surprise I was pregnant on my next try of IVF, this time with the help of acupuncture. We just had a 9 pound baby boy August 4th, 2012! We are so so happy and thankful to Dr. Robert Herbst and his team. If it was not for acupuncture, I don’t think I would have gotten pregnant. We are planning on a second child and will definitely be doing acupuncture with Dr. Herbst and his team to help us get pregnant.” ~ Thanks SRR ( Margate Florida )

  • “After two years of struggling trying to get pregnant, two years of testing costing tons of money, two years of frustration due to numerous miscarriages, I was referred to Dr Landon Agoado by a friend (who he helped get pregnant in a similar seemingly hopeless situation) and now all I can say is if it wasn’t for his compassion, spirit and Traditional Chinese Medical knowledge, we would have given up. Good thing we didn’t! I just gave birth to a 6lb 5 oz beautiful boy who was just named “Landon” so we never forget the Angel he has been to us.” ~ Stephanie ( Margate, FL)

  • “My husband and I decided to start a family at the end of 2005. Six months went by without success and I started a BBT chart (Basal Body Temperature) to track my most fertile days. After another 2 years of disappointment, I decided to quit my stressful job and look for something closer to home and less demanding. I thought this would definitely increase our chances of conceiving. After another year of unsuccessful attempts to fall pregnant we consulted my Ob/Gyn who performed ultrasounds, which were normal. She then referred us to an IVF Center. Both my husband’s semen analysis and my HSG test came back normal. A year later after more failed attempts, we went back to run another series of tests.”

    “We were fairly upset at this point and after the tests were completed, the doctors advised that all tests were normal except that I had a lower follicle count than normal and they suggested we try IVF. It was just financially and emotionally out of the question. It was at this point that I searched the internet for “low ovarian reserve / low follicle count” and stumbled upon acupuncture and Chinese herbs for infertility. I searched for a local acupuncturist and found Dr. Robert Herbst in September 2010. He is down to earth, easy to talk with, and the acupuncture treatments he gave me were very relaxing. He prescribed me Chinese herbs that I took daily and by my 4th menstrual cycle I was pregnant! After 5 years of trying, I am now a very happy mother to an adorable 7 week old daughter.” Megan – Margate, Florida