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I began going to Dr. Robert Herbst in 2015 when I was struggling with unexplained infertility.  He helped us conceive our beautiful little girl (which I wrote a review on previously with the timeline of that part of my story).  I began going back to him again in July of 2018 as we were trying to have another baby with little success again. I was actually getting pregnant this time around but was unable to hold the pregnancies. When I met with him again, he asked me several questions and after looking at my tongue and checking my pulse, he basically told me in a nutshell that my body was in stress and I needed to take some time to reboot myself both physically and emotionally. I began doing acupuncture weekly, taking herbs again, and spending a little time each week on “me”. He asked us not to try conceiving again for a couple months until he felt like I was strong enough. In late September he gave us the go ahead to try for this next cycle. We conceived our son the first week of October!!! I had really bad anxiety about losing this baby as well so I started going to him twice a week for a few weeks which really helped! I am currently almost 15 weeks pregnant and I can honestly say that both of my children were conceived because of Dr. Robert’s help! I am so grateful for him and everything he has done for my family! I recommend anyone who is struggling with having a baby to go see him!